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Vernon, New Jersey


Mobile Friendly

Not all mobile websites are created equal. FiveOne takes specific measures for search engines & users.

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DotSquare allows products and services to be sold on your website. In addition, invoices, subscriptions, individual payments, bank deposits, and customer management.


Many of our clients need a way to create events across multiple calendars and have it automatically update on their website. The Calendar app is a easy way to do this. Include attachments and more.


The Messages App is the place where all correspondence from your website is displayed in one place. In addition, you will also be e-notified via any and all email addresses you choose.


A blog is one of the best ways to improve your search engine ranking. The Blog App is the easiest way to write a blog post. It automatically formats the post and makes everything beautiful.


Often our clients just want an overview of their site traffic and usage. With dotSquare Analytics, our clients can easily see who, where, when, and how a visitor is using the website. It is also useful for analyzing users and their behavior.


Staff, team, employees; what every you call them we've got you covered. Manage which staff members are displayed on your website with their accompanying info anytime.

Text Editor

The Text Editor app is the easiest way to update your website text. Only the dotSquare CMS, built by FiveOne, allows these easy changes. We have gotten raving praises for this feature.

Photo Galleries

Some of our clients have events and other things they need to display to the public. Having the ability to easily upload, sort, and group photos into galleries is big reason why our clients decide to use this feature.


Video is the best way to communicate your message online. It engages and converts visitor into customers. The Videos App is the easiest way manage videos on your website. Even organize your videos into galleries.


You've seen this all over the internet. Those beautiful sliding images and content that quickly inform your visitors what you do and more without them needing to scroll. Give your website a splash with this great feature.